The reason for setting up this website was so that we could reach out to people that have not had a lot of financial education. We know that schools do not normally teach much about money and nor do parents, which means that most adults know very little about money and tend to have to guess when they are dealing with money. This means that some of them will be making unwise decisions and they will have no idea that there are other ways of doing things that will benefit them much more. We therefore decided that we needed to start to show people that if they start to learn a bit more about money they will be able to massively benefit. It can be so fantastic being in control of your money and knowing that when you make a financial decision that you have properly weighed it up and are doing the right thing. Hopefully, this will come across and people reading this site will be motivated to learn more and make changes to improve their situation. It may not even take that long until they are feeling confident in handling their money and know that they will be able to spend, save and borrow wisely so that they make the most of every penny that they earn.